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Friday Social


If we were having coffee today, I would tell you I am 4 weeks away from the Color Run!  I am nervous that I might not be ready to run the whole thing, but I am going to try my hardest and have a blast.

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you it has been outrageously hot outside.  I’ve been putting off my runs for the afternoon and it’s been miserable.

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you I’m super excited for the BUILD retreat this weekend.  I have a list of things I want to work on my website, and I’m excited for some dedicated time to work on it.  There’s still time to join us if you want to sign up!


Favorite App: Pocket

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Pocket was one of those apps I never really felt like I had a need for.  I had Evernote, and I was reading everything through there.  Then they changed the way you opened links and made it 85948958 times more difficult to use.

I thought I could just run everything through Feedly, but I still wanted to be able to save certain articles into Evernote.

Enter: Pocket.

I use Feedly to subscribe to all of my RSS feeds.  I will go through Feedly a few times a week, read the easy posts right there and save the posts that I’d like to take some time reading later.

Pocket cleans up your saved articles and makes them easy to read.

After I read through them in Pocket, I send any articles I want to archive into Evernote.  It’s complicated, but right now it works.

Do you use Pocket?

Running: Week 6



This week I finally started to feel like running is getting easier.  My roadblocks feel much less physical and are more about procrastination.

I don’t feel like I struggle to breathe while I’m running.  While tired, my legs aren’t screaming at me anymore.  We bumped my run time up significantly this week and I still felt like I could keep going.

Monday I ran for 22 minutes running one side walking one side of the block.  It adds up to about run one minute walk one minute.

Tuesday was a 25 minute walk where I ran on two of the laps.

Wednesday we bumped my time up to 25 minutes because I felt like I was already doing this much, with the expectation that I would run 30 minutes on Friday.

Thursday was a rest day.

Friday  the weather was pretty terrible.  I took the evening off to watch movies on the couch.

Saturday I made up my Friday run by running one side, walking one side for 30 minutes.  I felt AWESOME.  I only stopped short when I heard a dog barking and I wasn’t sure where he was.  I finished strong with one more lap than I expected to and didn’t feel like I was dying at the end.  It was definitely a win.

This week we’re going to change things up a little bit.  I was running the slightly shorter, flatter sides of the block and walking the longer slanted ones.  This week I’m going to switch.  I’m also going to try to bump my distance up a little bit within the 25 minutes I’m running.

I’m excited to get started.


Friday Social




If we were having coffee today, I would tell you I am SO excited for the Build Retreat next weekend!  Remember you need to sign up for the BUILD course in order to attend.  If you use my link I get a small portion of your membership fees.

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you it’s Liam’s birthday this weekend!  He is turning two on Sunday.

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you I have some big plans for this weekend.  I’m excited to see what all I can get done.

Happy weekend!

Mantra: I will Not Get Upset Over Anything that I Don’t Have Control Over


I am an anxious person.  It seems like every few months I latch onto something and have trouble focusing on anything else.

About a year ago, I discovered mantras.  I love the idea of phrases I can focus on and clear my mind.

This week’s was I will not get upset over anything I have no control over.

Any time I was about to lose my temper, I would repeat it to myself.

Any time I started to feel anxious or obsessive, I would say it out loud.

Do you use mantras?

Running Week 5



This was my first week on an updated plan and it felt like it went MUCH better.

Monday Tony had me run 20 minutes, alternating running every other side of the block.

Tuesday was a 25 minute walk.  I still ran every other side of two laps, but the rest was a walk.

Wednesday was a super busy day at work.  I hit my fuel before I even got home. I still did another run like Monday’s.  I was super sore and worn out at the end

Thursday was a rest day.

Friday was another run, bumped up to 22 minutes.

Saturday and Sunday were cross training days.

I’m excited to see what this week brings!

I’m excited to see what this week brings!

Friday Social



If we were having coffee today, I would tell you this week kicked my butt.  I legitimately thought when I was writing my post on Wednesday, that it didn’t have to go up until the next day.  Then I realized I was a day later than I thought.  I am very excited for the weekend to get here.

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you running went much better this week.  Much, much better.

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you we went wine shopping tonight.  It’s a good thing Tony buys wine for us because I would only buy them based on the pretty labels.  I got some Cupcake Moscato.  By far my favorite wine I’ve had.

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This is Your Sign





That thing you’ve been putting off?  Do it.

Whether it’s a job you’ve been considering applying for, the cute guy you want to ask on a date, or that opportunity you just aren’t sure about, do it.

That website you want to create or project you want to start? Get on it.

That diet you were going to start Monday?  Start now.

Don’t wait for the right time or ponder if it’s what you should do.  Just do it.


Running Week 4


Oh my goodness.

This last week called for run/walking 2 miles on Monday and 3 miles on Friday.  I completed Monday’s run, and all the walking in between, feeling like the whole week was building up to my run on Friday.

Tony decided to do it with me and we were going to the hiking trail nearby for a change of scenery.  We made sure to do the trail backwards to avoid the giant scary hill.

We forgot that made the entire first half almost completely uphill.  My legs never felt like they were ready to run.  They were heavy and achy.  We talked about the plan I’m using and how my legs never feel ready for a run.  I haven’t felt like I’ve had a good run in a while.

We decided that this plan probably isn’t the best for me.  Week 2 I shouldn’t be trying to run 3 miles.  This week, I had 4 scheduled!  I was miserable and it just wasn’t fun anymore.

Tony is working on getting me a new training plan.  We are going to try running a couple of miles three times a week or every other day rather than a higher mileage twice a week.



Friday Social




If we were having coffee today, I would tell you we were without internet this past weekend!  When I got home Friday, the wifi was out, and our internet company couldn’t come until Sunday.  It was quiet, but gave us the opportunity to deep clean the apartment.

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you I busted my way through The Selection Series last week.  It’s been a while since I was so pulled into a book I absolutely couldn’t put it down.

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you running this week was not the most fun.  I’ll talk more about it Monday, but we are going to find me a new plan.  Three miles your second week is too much for where I am right now.